CEATEC JAPAN 2012 at Oct.2[TUE.] ▶ Oct.6[Sat.]
Makuhari Messe, Tokyo

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Smart Innovation - Creating a prosperous lifestyle and society


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An exhibition where cutting-edge technology designed to create the future is gathered under one roof

As a base for publicizing innovation, the exhibition effectively transmits consolidated information on cutting-edge technology, products and services to the world.

Making announcements on cutting-edge technology, new products and services at CEATEC JAPAN

Large numbers of media and stakeholders gather at CEATEC JAPAN to seek information on the latest technologies, products, and services.
Aligning your presentations on new products, technologies and services with CEATEC JAPAN themes will enable you to distribute information efficiently and conduct effective business activities.

■No. of press: 2,134 (including 108 overseas journalists)
■No. of articles from
 Web news media regarding CEATEC JAPAN:
 (April-October, 2011)
9,982 articles
(Domestic: 3,898 articles, Overseas: 6,084 articles)
■No. of articles from print news media: 856 articles(as the end of November, 2011)

An international hub aimed at realizing a smart society

Hopes are increasing that Japan will play a key role in the innovation of "smart technology" designed to create an energy efficient society.
CEATEC JAPAN has played a part in sending information on Japanese-origin "Smart Innovation" to the world, and it provides a stage for companies to propose ideas on the building of future society.

Special Exhibition "Smart Community Innovation 2011"

A wide variety of smart technology proposals were made at this stage including IT and electronics, renewable energy, electric automobiles, and housing aimed at realizing the creation of safe and secure towns; healthy, prosperous and ideal lifestyles for the next generation; and energy-efficient lifestyles.

Special Exhibition "Digital Healthcare Plaza"

With an aim to improve the quality of personal healthcare; initiatives that help people enjoy more prosperous and healthy lives by combining a variety of health and medical equipment and services through the use of ICT were introduced.

Enhancement of awards system to help promote innovation

CEATEC JAPAN has created an excellent award system for assessing exhibited products, technology and services from a unique viewpoint. Award results will be announced during the exhibition, contributing to media exposure and an increased numbers of visitors to your booth. In addition, winning an award will increase the development drive of R&D departments and contribute to improved motivation within your company.


CEATEC AWARD inaugurated in 2011. Each category was established according to a promotional concept "Safe, Secure and Smart Society, Proposed by the IT and Electronics Industries" and award results were widely reported via the media.

Type of award Award winner Award product or solution
<Prosperous and Ideal Lifestyle and Society Category>
Grand Prix Panasonic Corporation Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Concept
Semi Grand Prix KDDI CORPORATION Free-viewpoint Concert
Sony Corporation / Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc 3D Compatible Head Mounted Display Equipped With
High Definition OLED Panel
<Safe and Secure Network Category>
Grand Prix NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Mobile spatial statistics
Semi Grand Prix DX Antenna Co., Ltd.
Joint development:
NHK Integrated Technology Inc./
NHK Engineering Services, inc.
Gap Filler System with Power Failure Back-up function
<Energy-saving, Creating and Storage Category>
Grand Prix ROHM Co., Ltd. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSC)
Semi Grand Prix KODENSHI CORP. Encoder & Cup Disk for DC-Motors
<From the All Categories>
Review Panel's Special Prize Fujitsu Limited Supercomputer "K computer"
<Media Ballot Category>
Grand Prix Toshiba Corporation Large screen glasses-free 3DTV with Quad Full HD resolution

Support tools and services for your PR activities

Press briefing room free-of-charge

In the Press Center, a Press briefing room will be available, where it will be possible to hold product presentations and press conferences.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to raise the profile of your company.
Booth press conference day before the exhibition: charge required
During the exhibition: free-of-charge

Your company will be able to hold a press conference at your booth on the day before or on the first day of the exhibition.
Making a press conference linking with the exhibits at your booth enables you to obtain media attention and coverage more effectively.
News Center free-of-charge

CEATEC JAPAN's own reporting and editing team, the "News Center", reports on exhibitors and introduces that information to influential domestic and foreign media and members of the press. As well as including these reports as news articles in the official website, they are also introduced in a mail magazine with approximately 150,000 registered recipients.
New Technologies and Products Seminar free-of-charge

A seminar room is provided at the exhibition venue, offering a place to supply information on new technologies and products. This program is introduced via the official CEATEC JAPAN website and support extends as far as recruiting attendees.
Publication of information via the official website free-of-charge

The official website receives approximately 900,000 hits from August to October. In addition to posting information and press releases concerning your exhibited products in real time, it is possible to provide a link to your company's own special feature CEATEC site from the top page of the CEATEC JAPAN website.
Use of social networking services (SNS)

CEATEC JAPAN maintains an official Facebook page and Twitter account, where it provides CEATEC news and on-the-spot photos taken at the exhibition venue. On-the-spot footage is transmitted in real time to attract visitors.

In addition to these services, a variety of other support services are available.


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