CEATEC JAPAN 2010 Oct.5th (Tue.) to Oct.9 (Sat.), 2010 Makuhari Messe, Tokyo


Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage

The technologies that create future lifestyles, societies, and businesses to support the world of tomorrow are based on well-established yet innovative manufacturing.

The technologies that create future lifestyles, societies, and businesses to support the world of tomorrow are based on well-established yet innovative manufacturing. The Electronic Components, Devices, & Industrial Equipment Stage showcases the newest innovations in Monozukuri which means to create, craft, and manufacture in Japanese and this expression is used to highlight Japan's technical capabilities to the world.

Publicizing and distributing more specialized technology Information

The main features of CEATEC JAPAN being
promoted are the large number of attractions
for producers and engineers in diverse fields,
as well as the advantages of news gathering
opportunities for domestic and
overseas specialist media. This exhibition is
rapidly evolving into a venue that provides
the best in specialized information to enhance
business transactions.

A venue to increase the significance of Monozukuri companies

As a venue that helps to increase the
significance of Monozukuri companies,
CEATEC JAPAN actively supports activities for
exhibiting companies by promoting interaction
with visitors of the next generation,
enhancing the appeal of corporate brands,
making contributions to society,
and sponsoring technologies that advance
environmental innovations.

Exhibitor Categories

Semiconductors Zone
  • ・MOS Logic
  • ・MOS micro
  • ・MOS memory
  • ・Digital bipolar
  • ・System LSIs
  • ・Analog ICs
  • ・Optical ICs
  • ・Sensors
  • ・Discreet (Silicon diodes, Rectifier elements, Transistors, Thermistors, Varistors, Thyristors, Optoelectronic conversion elements, Other discreet semiconductors)
  • ・Memory components
  • ・Power semiconductors
  • ・Other semiconductors
Electronic Display Devices Zone
  • ・LCDs
  • ・Plasma display panels (PDPs)
  • ・Inorganic and organic electroluminescent (EL) displays
  • ・LEDs
  • ・FEDs
  • ・CRT displays
  • ・VFDs
  • ・Touch panels
  • ・Other display devices
Passive Components Zone
  • ・Passive components (Resistors, Capacitors, Transformers, Inductors, OSCs, Filters)
  • ・Noise-reducing components
  • ・Other passive components
Structural, Functional Components Zone
  • ■Structural components
  • ・Structural components
  • ・PCBs, PWBs
  • ・Other structural components
  • ■Functional components
  • ・Functional components
  • ・High-frequency modules (digital tuners, RF modules)
  • ・Other structural components
Materials, Power Sources, Batteries Zone
  • ■Power sources, battery-related, Adapters/chargers
  • ・Adapters/chargers
  • ・Switching power supplies
  • ・Power sources and power source devices
  • ・Fuel cells
  • ・Lithium-ion batterie
  • ・Nickel-hydride batteries
  • ・Solar cells
  • ・Other battery-related items
  • ■Materials
  • ・Materials
  • ・Ferrites
  • ・Magnets
  • ・Other materials
  • ・Other elemental technologies
Measuring, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment, Electronic Manufacturing Process Zone
  • ■Measurement instrumentation-related, Waveform measuring instruments
  • ・Transmission characteristic measuring instruments
  • ・Wireless communications measuring equipment
  • ・Semiconductor and IC measuring equipment
  • ・Industrial meters
  • ・Other electronic measuring instrumentation
  • ・Other electronic measuring instrumentation
  • ■Testing-, manufacturing devices-related
  • ・Testing-, manufacturing devices-related
  • ・Testing equipment
  • ・Manufacturing equipment
  • ・Other equipment
  • ■Jisso process
  • ・Related,related equipment and systems
  • ・Electronic packaging design systems
  • ・Electronic packaging devices, components and related materials
  • ・Electronic packaging joint systems
  • ・Other electronic manufacturing process-related
Technology Solution Zone
  • ■Advanced technologies
  • ・Advanced technologies
  • ・Biotechnology
  • ・Biometrics
  • ・MEMS
  • ・Other technology-related
  • ■Design technologies
  • ・Hardware design solutions (system LSIs, ASIC/ASSP, MPU/DSP, FPGA/PLD devices, EDA)
  • ・Software design solutions (embedded OS, device drivers, firmware, middleware)
  • ・Other design solutions
  • ■Social contribution activity-related
  • ・Social contribution activity-related
  • ・Medical equipment & systems
  • ・Environmental/energy related technologies
  • ・Cross-sector cooperation, electoral assets, human resources
  • ・Municipal and regional industries
  • ■PR zone
  • ・PR software, services
  • ・Books, magazines


  • Exhibit CEATEC


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  • CSAJ
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  • Cofesta
  • The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS 'As Selected by U.S. Journalists'
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