CEATEC JAPAN 2010 Oct.5th (Tue.) to Oct.9 (Sat.), 2010 Makuhari Messe, Tokyo


Digital Network Stage / Business & Society Zone

Creating a more innovative society and new business styles

To promote the creation of a more innovative society and new business styles based upon the latest in information and communication technologies, the Business & Society Zone is a venue that showcases the innovations of tomorrow, which are made possible by the evolution of technologies and the materialization of new services.

A venue for highlighting tomorrow's society and business

In addition to improving business efficiency,
ICT also makes a significant contribution to
changing social infrastructures in order to
achieve a more innovative, low-carbon society.
The Business & Society Zone is evolving into a
venue for presentations of high informational
value that showcase social activities for
future generations and the business scenarios of tomorrow.

Special exhibitions are planned to answer the needs of business users

Smart Grid strategies in Japan involve
a number of diverse industries and
businesses such as energy, EVs,
elemental technology, Green IT,
and more. In order to better answer
growing user needs about Smart Grid,
CEATEC JAPAN 2010 will hold a number
of special exhibitions including the
Smart Grid Innovation 2010,
Next-generation Computing Plaza, and HATS Plaza that will showcase the diverse IT technologies used for business applications.

Exhibitor Categories

Carrier services
  • ・FTTH, broadband, next-generation communications services
  • ・Mobile phones, PHS services
  • ・Wireless LAN, WiMAX, PLC
  • ・Other carrier services
Mobile networks for organizations
  • ・Mobile phones, PHS, telephones, communications services
  • ・e-books
  • ・Mobile PCs,Netbook
  • ・Wi-Fi, BluetoothR, UWB, ZigBee, wireless LAN technologies & products
  • ・Memory cards, IC cards
  • ・Telecommunications equipment
  • ・Related products, systems and services
Platforms (network computing)
  • ・OS
  • ・Servers,Storage
  • ・PC
  • ・Information terminals
  • ・Displays, projectors
  • ・Digital signage
  • ・Peripheral equipment
  • ・Digital office equipment
  • ・Related products, systems and services
Network infrastructure products & systems
  • ・Business-related (push-button phone devices, PBX, wireless phones for company offices, business facsimile equipment, PDAs)
  • ・Infrastructure-related (switching station equipment, digital transmission equipment, fixed communications devices, base station communications devices)
  • ・Internet-related (modems, hubs, routers, LAN/WAN, optical access equipment)
  • ・Related products, systems and services
Other network infrastructure-related
  • ・Internet providers
  • ・Cloud computing, SaaS, ASP
  • ・IDC, Virtualized solution
  • ・IP-Phone, VoIP, IPv6
  • ・Related products, systems and services
  • ・Web applications , Web services
  • ・Systems integration services
  • ・Groupware
  • ・Knowledge management, ERP, SCM, CRM
  • ・EC/EDI
  • ・e-Learning
  • ・Related Software,systems and services
Outsourcing services
  • ・Solutions
  • ・Consulting
  • ・Related systems and services
Green IT/Smart grid related
  • ・Energy-saving hardware
  • ・Energy-saving software services
  • ・Data centers
  • ・Web/videoconferencing systems
  • ・Electronic management systems
  • ・Smart meters
  • ・BEMS and HEMS systems
  • ・EV, HEV, PHV, FCV related systems
  • ・Other environment and energy related systems and services
  • ・RFID systems (management systems/development systems)
  • ・RFID readers/writers,RFID printers
  • ・RFID tags , RFID chips
  • ・RFID-related products/services
Security services
  • ・Information security
  • ・Office security (video monitoring systems, monitor robots, office entry control, biometrics
  • ・Natural disaster countermeasures, public security
  • ・Other security services
Social systems & services
  • ・Social welfare systems/services
  • ・Healthcare/medical electronic systems/services
  • ・Education services
  • ・ITS/transportation systems/services
  • ・Public/financial systems/services
  • ・Distribution/logistics systems/services
  • ・Venture support services
  • ・Related services ,Social services equipments, systems, software and contents


  • Exhibit CEATEC


  • CIAJ
  • CSAJ
Green IT Pavilion
  • Cofesta
  • The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS 'As Selected by U.S. Journalists'
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