CEATEC JAPAN 2010 Oct.5th (Tue.) to Oct.9 (Sat.), 2010 Makuhari Messe, Tokyo


Home & Personal Zone

Promoting new, more satisfying lifestyles

Digital networks are expanding into various aspects of people's lives and the Home & Personal Zone is a venue that showcases diverse technologies, products, services and content for personal activities of the future.

Further strengthening of its information-dissemination capabilities

In an effort to become a truly international event,
CEATEC JAPAN will further strengthen its
“From Japan” information-dissemination capability
in collaboration with other consumer shows
of the world by targeting mass media,
stakeholders, key business personnel,
influential market users, etc. from overseas.

Introducing a number of fields to enrich people's lifestyles

The expansion of digital networking connects
technologies, which have been developed as
separate entities to create new lifestyle
solutions. The linking of diverse industries
related to digital networking will help to
transform CEATEC JAPAN into a newer,
more informative venue.

Exhibitor Categories

Digital home appliances (home entertainment)
  • ・LCD
  • ・PDP
  • ・OELD
  • ・3D displays, 3D systems
  • ・Other flat panel TVs, digital TVs
  • ・Digital signage, displays, monitors
  • ・Digital Television tuners
  • ・Set-top boxes (STBs)
  • ・Home servers, Storage
  • ・HDD, Blu-ray discs, DVD recorders/players
  • ・Home-use projectors
  • ・Home theater systems
  • ・Audio products, Surround systems
  • ・Game platforms
  • ・Digital video cameras
  • ・Digital cameras
  • ・PCs
  • ・Printers, Scanners
  • ・Digital photo frames
  • ・Memory media, Memory equipment
  • ・Supply products
  • ・Related products, services
Mobile networks (personal information terminals)
  • ・Smartphones, Cellular telephones, Personal Handyphone System (PHS)
  • ・e-books
  • ・Mobile PCs,Netbook
  • ・Portable game players
  • ・Personal Data Assistants (PDAs)
  • ・Digital audio players
  • ・Wi-Fi, BluetoothR, UWB, ZigBee, wireless LAN
  • ・Memory cards, IC cards
  • ・Related products, services
Car electronics (automotive)
  • ・ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), ETC systems
  • ・Car navigation systems
  • ・PNDs, GPS-related products
  • ・Telematics
  • ・Car-mounted components
  • ・Car AV systems
  • ・Automotive
  • ・EV, HEV, PHV, FCV systems
  • ・Related products, services
Home network
  • ・Home-use solar-power generation systems
  • ・Home-use fuel cell systems
  • ・HEMS, Smart house systems
  • ・Network home appliances, Consumer electric products
  • ・PLCs, Home network systems
  • ・Personal ID technologies
  • ・Security systems
  • ・Home health care systems
  • ・Related products, services
Network, broadcasting services
  • ・FTTH, Broadband, Next-generation network services
  • ・Cellular telephones, Personal Handyphone System (PHS)
  • ・WiMAX, Long Term Evolution (LTE), wireless broadband
  • ・Digital broadcasting-related services (CATV, etc.)
  • ・IPTV Services
  • ・ISP, ASP
  • ・Related products, services
Software, Contents services
  • ・OS
  • ・Embedded systems
  • ・Entertainment video software
  • ・Audio software
  • ・PC application software
  • ・Internet-related software
  • ・Roadcast program content
  • ・Game software
  • ・Digital contents and data
  • ・Related products, services
  • ・Consumer-use robots
  • ・Other Consumer Products


  • Exhibit CEATEC


  • CIAJ
  • CSAJ
Green IT Pavilion
  • Cofesta
  • The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS 'As Selected by U.S. Journalists'
  • Smart Grid