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CEATEC JAPAN 2009 October 6-10, 2009 Makuhari Messe
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Tyco Electronics Japan
Exhibiting a linear-motor car powered by solar cells

Tyco Electronics' popular TE linear-motor car exhibit from CEATEC JAPAN 2008 has further evolved this year to feature solar-cell power, and visitors can also enjoy a simulated experience of test-driving it.

A linear-motor car equipped with original Tyco Electronics parts and equipment

Just like last year, the linear-motor car exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2009 is equipped with original Tyco Electronics parts and equipment. According to hakoyama of the PR Dept., "At the Tyco booth, we want the general audience to know that we specialize in the manufacture of parts and devices, and that many of our original products are used on linear-motor cars. We also wish to highlight our efforts to protect the environment in the products we manufacture and our contributions to stop global warming".

This year's linear-motor car featured solar-cell power and a manipulator for the charger box, both of which are original Tyco Electronics' products. A converter box compatible with the company's solar cell is featured on the charger box, and a flexible spar is used for the manipulator.

Additionally, an original inverter relay is used for the charger box and it features a 15-inch touch panel on the operation panel.
Mr. Hakoyama also explained that, "800 watts of power was required for the last year's model but this year's version can operate with only 500 watts". And this was made possible by using neodymium for the linear-motor car's magnet.


Tyco Electronics Japan