Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition CEATEC JAPAN 10th AANIVERSARY
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CEATEC JAPAN 2009 October 6-10, 2009 Makuhari Messe
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From the Management Office

CEATEC JAPAN 2009 Commences on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at Makuhari Messe!

October 5, 2009

Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition


Commences on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at Makuhari Messe!

CEATEC JAPAN Organizing Committee

The three institutes comprising the Organizing Committee of CEATEC JAPAN, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Fumio Ohtsubo, Chairman; President of Panasonic Corporation), Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ: Katsumasa Shinozuka, Chairman; President and CEO, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.), and Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ: Shigefumi Wada, Chairman; President of OBIC Business Consultants Co., Ltd.), are proud to announce the commencement of CEATEC JAPAN 2009, the Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition, which will be held for a five-day period from Tuesday, October 6th to Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at Makuhari Messe.
With this year's theme of "Digital Convergence - Defining the Shape of Our Future", CEATEC JAPAN 2009 will showcase a wide range of exhibit categories from electronic components and devices to digital home appliances, mobile phones, as well as a comprehensive range of services and content. It is also the premier venue where valuable information is exchanged by a number of IT & electronics industry leaders, which helps to position CEATEC JAPAN as the leading-edge IT & electronics comprehensive exhibit - a one-of-a-kind event unprecedented in both scale and importance in Japan and around the world.

1. Message from the Organizing Committee: "Challenge! Aiming to better people's lives and create a low-carbon society."
CEATEC JAPAN will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and to commemorate this occasion, the Organizing Committee has created a new message, "Challenge! Aiming to better people's lives and create a low-carbon society", to highlight both the measures being taken to combat global warming and the activities of the IT & electronics industry related to the Green IT theme. As a special event this year, the Organizing Committee will also work together with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) to establish the Green IT Pavilion to introduce the latest leading-edge energy conservation technologies of Japan such as vehicles powered by fuel cells and wind-generated power - some of the technologies that have made Japan a world leader in the creation of a low-carbon society.
Additionally, the Green IT Symposium will be held from Wednesday, October 7th to Friday, October 9th at the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, and it will comprehensively introduce the latest worldwide trends of Green IT.
Furthermore, in commemoration of CEATEC JAPAN's 10th anniversary, the Green IT Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 6th at Hotel The Manhattan, a venue nearby Makuhari Messe, and government officials and Green IT related personnel from Asian countries will be invited to participate.

2. Highlights of the Digital Network Stage (Exhibition Halls 1 through 5)
At CEATEC JAPAN 2009's Digital Network Stage, exhibits showcasing trends such as the continually growing market and technological innovations of thin-screen TVs developed in response to the complete shift to terrestrial digital broadcasting and the latest in 3D image technology that is expected to rapidly evolve to a practical level. Also to be introduced at this stage will be digital TVs featuring ultra high-definition, ultra-resolution video, and high-definition audio, as well as web-compatible IPTVs, along with technologies such as solar-power generation and energy-saving products that realize reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
Visitors will also be able to experience firsthand next-generation, high-speed mobile communications such as the WiMAX and the LTE using the 3.9G mobile phone standard as well as mobile phones with value-added services such as AR. The latest in network standards including NGN, PLC and DLNA will also be on display to allow visitors to see these new technologies for themselves.

3. Highlights of Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage (Exhibition Halls 5 through 8)
Electronic components and devices that support the rapid growth and development in digital information applications, car electronics, amusement equipment, mobile PCs, mobile phones, communications networks, etc., will be on display at the Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage.
Trend-setting products that are smaller and slimmer, high-performance or low-profile parts, cutting-edge technologies, and a host of other electronics technologies used in a wide variety of industrial fields will be introduced at this stage. Technologies used by both the automotive and construction industries that realize reduced carbon dioxide emissions and offer increased heat-resistance and high durability will also be on display.
This stage is the ideal venue for visitors seeking to discover the best in world-class products created by Japan's Monozukuri, as the latest electronic components and devices of this unique technology will be gathered under one roof.

4. Event scale
This year, Makuhari Messe Exhibition Halls 1 through 8 will be used and a total of 590 exhibitors (263 foreign exhibitors from 22 countries/regions) will be using 2,123 booths for the display of products and technologies. Additionally, up to of 200,000 visitors are estimated to participate in this year's event. [2008 results: 804 exhibitors (289 foreign exhibitors from 27 countries/regions) with 3,121 booths; 196,630 visitors].

5. Tuesday, October 6th, 2009: Many opening events attended by industry executives are being planned.
CEATEC JAPAN will be opened to public at noon on October 6th, 2009 and at this time, an opening reception is scheduled for noon to be followed by a number of opening events planned throughout the day. Before the opening reception, Guest Speeches will be presented by Intel Corporation and later in the afternoon, chairmen of the three sponsors of the event will deliver Keynote Speeches.
Multiple conferences totaling 112 sessions are also being planned for the first four days (until October 9th), and these will include 15 Keynote Speeches by top executives and opinion leaders from diverse industries, as well as panel discussions on the topics of cloud computing and EVs, which will help convey new and important messages to the world. Admission to the conferences is free of charge and a certain number of tickets will be made available at the door so please make an effort to join us at these sessions.

[Main events scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th ]
*Opening Reception
Time: Noon to 13:30 and Venue: Tsuru no Ma (2nd floor) in Hotel New Otani Makuhari.

*Keynote Speeches (tickets are still available at the door)
Venue: Convention Hall (2nd floor), International Conference Hall.
12:50 - 13:40
Aiming to "Create New Value for Better Living" in a New Era
Speaker: Mr. Fumio Ohtsubo, President, Panasonic Corporation.

13:55 - 14:35
Eco-innovations in ICT for a sustainable society
Mr. Katsumasa Shinozuka, Chairman of the Board, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

14:50 - 15:30
Revolution of software in Cloud Computing ages
Mr. Shigefumi Wada, President, OBIC Business Consultants Co., Ltd.

*Guest Speech (tickets still available at the door)
Venue: Convention Hall (2nd floor), International Conference Hall.

11:00 - 12:00
The Internet, Transformed - Creating a true Internet experience
on a mobile device
Speaker: Mr. Robert P. Swinnen, Director, Global Business Development, Ultra Mobility Group and Vice President, Mobility Group, Intel Corporation.

6. CEATEC JAPAN will be open on Saturday, October 10th with free admission
To answer numerous requests to open the show on a weekend from people who in the past were not able to attend the show during weekday business hours or who could not spend enough time during their visit, CEATEC JAPAN 2009 will be open on Saturday, October 10th with free admission.
In addition to opening the show on a Saturday, there will be a variety of seminars and events on this day that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages including children and students who will make up the next generation.


For further details regarding this release or CEATEC JAPAN 2009, please contact:
Monday, October 5th to Saturday, October 10th, 2009
Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day, October 10th)
Persons in charge: Fumiaki Yoshinaga or Mikio Horai.
Phone: +81-43-299-0061
For inquiries other than at the aforementioned hours, please contact the
CEATEC JAPAN Management Office (c/o JESA).
Person in charge: Fumiaki Yoshinaga
Phone: +81-3-5402-7603; E-mail:


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