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Exhibition Stage Info

Exhibition Info
Exhibitions are divided into two stages. By dividing exhibitors into these two categories we are better able to get information about our exhibitors to the people it is most relevant to.

Digital Network Stage

Digital Network Stage(Halls1-3, 9-11)
Halls1-3, 9-11
The digitization of our living and working environments, as seen in home information appliances, wireless networks, cars and broadcasting, is giving rise to increasingly rich and creative communities.
This Stage will showcase the future of advancing technologies sustained by faster and wider networks.
Exhibition Zone
Home & Personal Zone
Business & Society Zone
Zone Details
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Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage

Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage(Halls4-8)
Expectations are high that the diffusion of home information appliances, broadband, wireless and IP communications, and digital broadcasting will lead to even stronger demand for electronic components and devices. This stage is categorized by detailed zones to give visitors quick access to the information and technologies they want to see. Witness the most advanced technologies.
Exhibition Zone
Semiconductors Zone
Electronic Display Devices Zone
Passive Components Zone
Structural, Functional Components Zone
Materials, Power Sources, Batteries Zone
Measuring, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment,
Electronic Manufacturing Process Zone
Municipality Zone
PR Zone
Zone Details
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Exhibition Stage Info
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