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Pre-register and your visit to CEATEC will be free from admission (1000 yen adult, 500 yen child) and allow you smooth entrance.

If you pre-register by September 21

We will send you a pass that will allow you to easily enter just by picking up a pass holder.

If you pre-register later than September 22

Easy entry with Edy
Just by entering your 16 digit Edy number shown on your Edy Card or i-mode FeliCa supporting mobile phone when pre-registering online, you will easily be able to enter through the Edy user entrance by placing your Edy on the reader. (No fees are charged)
Easy entry with barcode page printout
Print out the page with a barcode that appears after you finish pre-registering. Bring the printout to the Pre-registration Counter and a pass will be issued

Those who received an invitation

It is recommended that you pre-register in order to effectively utilize your valuable time at the exhibition since the Pre-registration Counter will be crowded. If you register at the Gate, please bring two business cards.

Visitors registering at the Gate

Enter the exhibition after purchasing an admission ticket (General ¥1,000/Students ¥500) at the ticket counter and completing registration.

Student Group Admission (Starting from mid-August)

We encourage students to attend CEATEC JAPAN as a school fieldtrip. Groups of over twenty (including supervisor) are admitted free of charge.
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