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Special Projects / Other Event Info

Digital Contents Pavilion

Digital Contents Pavilion This pavilion will highlight the dynamism and diversity of Japan's contents industry, and to provide participating contents makers and related companies with new business opportunities, thereby contributing to the development of the industry as a whole.

Automotive Pavilion

Automotive Pavilion The automobile is growing in importance as an infrastructure of the digital society and an environment of interaction with users. This new pavilion will expand on the contents of last year's automotive exhibit to present cutting-edge technologies and products centered on in-car digital equipment and closely linked to the needs and interests of users.

RFID Pavilion

RFID Pavilion RFID solutions are coming into wide use in a variety of applications. This pavilion will contribute to the expansion and vitalization of the industry by showcasing the newest technologies and applications in exhibits of systems in use by companies in diverse sectors.

Advanced Jisso Process Technology Pavilion

Advanced Jisso Process Technology Pavilion Jisso process technologies sustain advances in the performance and miniaturization of products throughout the electronics and IT industries. These rapidly developing technologies are gaining wide attention around the world. This pavilion will shine the spotlight on the many Jisso technologies at the heart of the digital society.

Must-see Item Navigation (Electronic Components, Devices and Industrial Equipment Stage)

Must-see Item Navigation (Electronic Components, Devices and Industrial Equipment Stage) Location: Central Mall, 2F
This exhibit will feature panels showing the main products and technologies of exhibitors in the Electronic Components, Devices and Industrial Equipment Stage, making it efficient and easy for visitors to find just what they are looking for.

Monodzukuri Plaza

Monodzukuri Plaza In the future, Japan must establish a "monodzukuri society" capable of the sustainable creation of new value. At the same time, it is necessary to continue "innovation" with the goal of building new industries. To this end, the Monodzukuri Promotion Council will introduce winners of the Monodzukuri Components Grand Prize (sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun) and showcase other contents designed to educate visitors about monodzukuri at CEATEC JAPAN 2007. (The Monodzukuri Promotion Council will be formally established in September 2007 with the goal of contributing to the advancement of monodzukuri in Japan.)
* Cooperation: Monodzukuri Promotion Council, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Internet Broadcasting by Students: "intebro"

Internet Broadcasting by Students: 'intebro' Broadcast: Early in August to end of October 
Location: Central Mall, 2F
Students at the Tokyo University of Technology plan and manage the intebro Internet broadcasting station. At CEATEC JAPAN this year, live broadcasts will be made from the on-site exhibition studio.

Juniors & Kids Electronics Workshop

Juniors & Kids Electronics Workshop Date: October 6 Location: Event Hall
This special exhibit will be held for elementary and junior high school students and their parents, who will experience the joys of creation with an aim to sparking interest in electronics. Participants will solder electronic components to boards and assemble electronic product models. Finished works will be presented to the participants.

Joho Daikokai Consortium Project (Uncharted Waters of Information Consortium Project)

Joho Daikokai Consortium Project (Uncharted Waters of Information Consortium Project) Through the development of search and analysis technologies that go beyond Web-centered searches, this project aims to create services that respond to every aspect of new communication needs, from lifestyles to business styles. At CEATEC JAPAN 2007, visitors will see these new technologies and, centered on model services chosen for display at the show, introduce the "uncharted waters of information business" that result. Visitors will be able to experience services that organically link the vast amounts of information generated by mobile services, digital imaging equipment, IC-embedded train passes and other services according to the needs of individual users in their current situations.

NET KADEN 2007 (Networked Home Appliances 2007)

NET KADEN 2007 (Networked Home Appliances 2007) Today, networking a wide range of devices and appliances used in everyday life has led to the emergence of new services. The effect of these innovations is the creation of new lifestyles. In 2005, the Net Kaden Grand Prize was established with the aim of promoting the development and proliferation of these services. In Japanese, the term "Net Kaden" refers to appliances and services that create this type of new added value. The aim of the Net Kaden exhibit, held for the third time this year, is to promote consumer awareness of information appliances and services. CEATEC JAPAN 2007 will feature an award ceremony, at which the winners of the Grand Prize and other awards will be announced, as well as a special exhibit showcasing the winning entries.

u-Japan Best Practices 2007

As part of the u-Japan Policy, which aims to establish a ubiquitous network society in Japan, CEATEC JAPAN 2007 will open a special exhibit of "u-Japan Best Practices," or practical models of ICT services and systems that resolve issues in everyday personal and business life, and will highlight award-winning entries from among these exhibits.

All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament Monozukuri Workshop

Date: October 6 Location: Event Hall
  • Paper Airplane Workshop:From the Paper Airplane Research Institute of Professor Tamba comes a full-scale paper airplane workshop. Kits will be provided so visitors can simply walk in and have fun.
  • Robot Football Corner
  • New Radio-Controlled Model Corner:Featuring radio-controlled car races and radio-controlled helicopter demonstrations
  • Rescue Robot Exhibit and Demonstration:Presented by the Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo)
Sponsorship:The National Association of Principals of Technical Senior High Schools
Cooperation: FUJISOFT Inc.

Japan International Contents Festival 2007 (CoFesta 2007)

Japan International Contents Festival 2007 (CoFesta 2007) In this special exhibit, Here, the creativity of digital contents creators and companies in related fields will converge with the technological capabilities of software developers and hardware makers to realize new content expressions and distribution models, presenting the ideal structure and effectiveness of this convergence to a global audience, and thereby helping build new business opportunities. In this way, CEATEC JAPAN 2007 will live up to its status as an official event of CoFesta 2007.
Digital Contents Collaboration Square
As an official project of the Japan International Contents Festival 2007 (CoFesta 2007), CEATEC JAPAN 2007 will open a special exhibit simultaneously with its Digital Contents Pavilion. This exhibit, the Digital Contents Collaboration Square, will focus on collaborations between contents creators, hardware makers and software developers. Visitors will see the latest in Japanese content expression, as well as examples of production scheme innovations, new distribution and business models, and the cultivation of human resources and networking across market boundaries.
Special Confefence will be held on October 4.
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