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Sponsor Exhibits

HATS Plaza

HATS Plaza This year's HATS Conference will center on interoperability demonstrations using broadband services, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), MPEG4, and fax in VoIP (voice over IP) services, LANs, network routers and PBX interconnection using SIP. The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) will also introduce its technology unification activities in Japan.

Accessibility Plaza

Accessibility Plaza The Info-communication Access Council exhibit will include demonstrations of telephone equipment, mobile telephones and media-exchange services designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly and physically challenged, as well as an outline of the Council's overall activities. Other events will also be held on the stage in the exhibit area.

Exciting Experience: The Innovative Technology of Digital Broadcasting

Exciting Experience: The Innovative Technology of Digital Broadcasting Full-scale implementation of digital TV broadcasting has begun in Japan, and viewing options are rapidly expanding. This exhibit will present the history of digital broadcasting and let visitors experience the many ways TV is becoming a more convenient, personalized and value-adding medium. Easy-to-follow displays will show the many types of digital broadcast reception equipment available for any situation or location, and visitors will experience new and evolving services.


JETRO BIZMATCH@CEATEC JAPAN The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will hold meetings to promote collaborations between Japanese and foreign companies with technologies and services related to home information appliances and IT solutions. In addition, this year's program will introduce electronic components and materials makers from East Asia for meetings with Japanese companies on October 5.
* Sponsored by JETRO

Municipality Zone

Municipality Zone Today, regional governments in Japan are actively establishing subsidy schemes and other incentives to encourage leading-edge companies to set up research and production facilities in their regions. The Municipality Zone will showcase the activities of many such local government entities. Here, they will have the opportunity to promote the benefits of their schemes to companies, such as land acquisition and capital investment programs.

Cross-Sector Interchange Pavilion

Cross-Sector Interchange Pavilion Specialty schools in engineering, industry, information and design will present their research results and high-level curriculums in this exhibit. Of particular interest to middle and high school students seeking education in IT and electronics, this exhibit will be designed to foster young talents and promote collaborations between the academic and private sectors.
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