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Although you can search the CEATEC JAPAN web site using "Keyword Search" from the search box at the top right corner of every page, there are a few other convenient search functions available. Use these functions according to your purpose.

Viewing Search Results

Keyword search results are displayed in the following categories: Exhibitor Information, All Releases, WEB Magazine, Conferences, Events, and Other. The five most recent search results are displayed under each category. If you would like to see more results, click on "View all results." You can also narrow your search by deselecting checkboxes under the "Search Options" page. It is possible to select multiple boxes.
Search Categories
Exhibitor Information
Detailed information on exhibitors
All Releases
Exhibitor press releases; management office announcements and press releases
WEB Magazine
WEB Magazine articles
Conference information
Special Exhibits and Events
Special Sponsor Exhibitions and events being held by exhibitors
Other pages that include keywords in the main text

Search Method

Keyword Search---Enter text and search
Enter a keyword in the search box at the top right of the page. Then click the "Search" button. Multiple keywords may be separated using a space to conduct a search that will show pages with all of these keywords (AND search).
*Note that alphanumeric keywords are searched as word, not as sentence.
Other Searches---Ways to easily find exhibitors
Various pages are provided on the CEATEC JAPAN web site to search for information on exhibitors. (Contact information, booth location, product information and information on exhibitor-sponsored events can be viewed on the exhibitor's detailed information page.)
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