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Exhibitors release their latest products and technologies for the first time in the world!
Don't miss CEATEC JAPAN where you can witness the latest of IT & Electronics news!
At CEATEC JAPAN, world leading companies and alliances release and exhibit products and technologies to the world every year. 2006 is no exception with the latest news to draw world attention being released from Makuhari Messe. Come to CEATEC JAPAN to see new trends in the IT & Electronics industries.
Some of the products and technologies released at CEATEC JAPAN in the past are shown below.

CEATEC JAPAN 2006 [October 3th - 7th 2006]

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CEATEC JAPAN 2005 [October 4th - 8th 2005]

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CEATEC JAPAN 2004 [October 5th - 9th 2004]

  • Sharp introduces "AQUOS" color television to the general public at CEATEC JAPAN with the world's largest LCD screen at 65 inches
  • Approximating a dry cell, Toshiba exhibits Its prototype of the world's smallest fuel cell. Toshiba also creates and displays an LCD TV with the world's fastest response speed, quadrupling that of previous models
  • Fujitsu offers hands-on demonstration of its "Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Technology" with advanced recognition accuracy and increased security using the veins in the palm of the user's hand
  • The "RFID PLAZA" offers an introduction for the general public to experience electronic tag technology, a first in Japan
  • The Visible Light Communications Consortium premiers the world's first visible light communications using LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
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CEATEC JAPAN 2003 [October 7th - 11th 2003]

  • Sony Publicly releases the "PSX" DVD & HDD recorder at CEATEC JAPAN 2003, after disclosure of the recorder's launching within the year during a 2003 fiscal year corporate strategy meeting on May 28th
  • The "DVD + RW Alliance," Working toward Promoting DVD + RW/+R, Demonstrates the world's rirst write-once media DVD + R double layer recording technology at CEATEC JAPAN
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CEATEC JAPAN 2002 [October 1st - 5th 2002]

  • DuPont displays single color passive matrix displays and full color active displays using its Polymer-based Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology developed for next generation cellular phones & PDAs. demonstrations showed this technology's Excellent brightness, viewability and extended visual field
  • Having only been released in July 2002, Sumitomo 3M showed off Its "3M Wall Display," an outstanding meeting support tools with A world-first of six functions. Sumitomo 3M also exhibited and introduced automobiles with A wide variety of products developed using "Technology Platform," a 3M-unique highly versatile technical base
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CEATEC JAPAN 2001 [October 2nd - 6th 2001]

  • With the start of VICS (Vehicle Information & Communication System) in 1996 and associated to the concept of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) becoming reality through the commencement of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) service from March 2001, NEC, NTT Comware and Other companies exhibit orientating devices and car navigation systems as mobile terminals on next-generation mobile phones, harkening to the arrival of the ITS Era
  • Murata Manufacturing showcases Its remotely operated humanoid robot "Morph," employing Bluetooth(TM), the focal point among expanding wireless broadband technologies
  • NTT DoCoMo presents its 3rd generation mobile communications service, FOMA, and leads the world by commencing full-scale service in Japan
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Past Result(s)
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