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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Treatment of Personal Information

The CEATEC JAPAN Organizing Committee (hereinafter "the Committee") has implemented numerous plans to firmly position CEATEC JAPAN as one of Asia's leading exhibitions of products and technologies in fields related to information technology (IT). To maintain and further promote the exhibition' s status, the Committee intends to work exhaustively to contribute to the rapid development of markets, business environments and lifestyles of the future by presenting a variety of perspectives based on a firm grasp of the potential of broadband communications.In aiming toward the realization of tomorrow's broadband society, the Committee fully understands the importance to the future of CEATEC JAPAN of appropriately handling personal information.

CEATEC JAPAN Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal information comprises all information that can be used to identify individuals (users) gained through visits to CEATEC JAPAN and usage of the CEATEC JAPAN site on the World Wide Web. Specifically, this information includes the name, gender, age, address, e-mail address, service access and other data records, and identification numbers and/or symbols issued by CEATEC JAPAN to individuals. Also included is information that, through comparisons with other data, can be used to identify individuals. The Committee is taking the following steps in accordance with its view that appropriate usage and protection of this information is the social responsibility of CEATEC JAPAN.

Purpose of Collecting and Usage of Information

The Committee gathers personal information from users with the purpose of enhancing and improving CEATEC JAPAN web site services, registering visitors prior to and during the staging of the exhibition, and accepting reservations to attend the CEATEC JAPAN Conference and other special programs. The Committee also collects personal information for use in user questionnaires and requests for the sending of reference materials. Information gathering activities are also used to provide registered visitors to CEATEC JAPAN with information on promotions, and the products and services of companies related to CEATEC JAPAN. The Committee uses personal information only for the above purposes.

Providing Information to Third Parties

No personal information collected through the CEATEC JAPAN web site will be provided to unrelated third parties. However, this information may be provided to partner organizations that have established their own information protection systems and signed a contract of confidentiality with the Committee. Such companies may use this information in the pursuit of the aforementioned activities on a proxy basis. Visitors to CEATEC JAPAN are issued passes with personalized barcodes. These barcodes are read on entering the exhibition and Conference programs, and at the booths of exhibiting companies and organizations (exhibitors). From this point, information that might be considered personal in nature is shared between the Committee and the exhibitor. Visitors are requested to understand that information from exhibitors might be sent directly to them via e-mail or the posts after CEATEC JAPAN concludes. In addition, user data from this web site and the CEATEC JAPAN exhibition site is sometimes provided to third parties in a format that prevents individual identification. Such information is not considered personal in nature.

Cookies and IP Addresses

In terms of the CEATEC JAPAN web site, "cookies" are data codes sent to a user's computer from the Committee's server when the user accesses the CEATEC JAPAN web site. This data, which includes a record of previous accesses to the site by the user, is sent back from the user's computer at each access. These cookies are used to provide services customized for individual users and to count the total number of accesses by all users to the site. IP addresses, which are numerical in format and assigned to identify the computers of individual users, are automatically sent to the CEATEC JAPAN web site on access. Computers cannot access the Internet without an IP address. Individual IP addresses are collected to collate data on usage of the web site and monitor trends in site usage, but these addresses are not used in any way that might lead to the identification of individual users. However, the Committee shall be exempt from this stipulation if its legal rights are infringed upon or interfered with by a user(s), or the potential of such infringement or interference is suspected.

Rights of Users

Information provided to the Committee is done so at the discretion of users, and individual users may therefore reserve the right to not provide personal information. However, by choosing not to provide requested information, users acknowledge that they will be ineligible to take advantage of certain services. Users may request the Committee to cease the transmission of their personal information and the provision of related services. If a user requests that registration be cancelled, his or her personal information will be deleted from the CEATEC JAPAN database. In such circumstances, the Committee will immediately dispatch the request to and seek the same measures from exhibitors, as well. To change registration information for e-mail transmissions or cancel other registrations, please visit the related web site and follow the instructions provided, or contact the appropriate dedicated e-mail address or web site address.


Ensuring the security of personal information provided by users is an important issue for the Committee and the CEATEC JAPAN web site. Extensive measures have been taken to protect personal information on this web site from inappropriate access, disclosure, tampering and destruction. However, this protection does not extend to the transmission lines between users' computers and the Committee's server. For this reason, users are urged to take all appropriate measures to manage the security of personal information at their sites.
Amendments to This Policy
The Committee reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy as it considers necessary and appropriate. Amended policies will take effect from the date of their posting. Individual users will not be provided with prior notice regarding amendments. The Committee therefore recommends that users regularly visit this page to confirm the most up-to-date privacy policies.

Links to Other Web Sites

The Committee shall not be held liable for the personal information protection measures of third-party web sites (of individuals and organizations) to which links are provided on the CEATEC JAPAN web site. Users of the CEATEC JAPAN web site are assumed to have accepted the terms of conditions of this Privacy Policy.


Questions related to this Privacy Policy should be directed to:

Personal Information Manager:
Jiro Iriye, Director
CEATEC JAPAN Management Office
Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA) 5th Fl., Sumitomo Shibadaimon Bldg. 2 1-12-16, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5402-7603 FAX: +81-3-5402-7606

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