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Support Services

CEATEC JAPAN's support services increase value for exhibitors
CEATEC JAPAN provides a variety of services that increase the value of exhibiting. These services are not limited to exhibitor booths set up for the duration of the event, but extend to an abundant range of support activities. They enable companies to increase opportunities for liaising with clients and assist exhibitors with providing information.

Advance information support service (free of charge)

Exhibitor information sent out in advance via official website
official websiteThe CEATEC JAPAN official website is accessed by visitors, mass media representatives and industry insiders seeking to collect information in advance of the event. In September 2006, for example, the website received 4 million hits - the highest for any month on record. An automatic system for posting exhibitor information enables exhibitors to post exhibit, technology, and product information directly and in real time. In this way, it can be used to send out information in advance to target visitors.
Advance coverage of your news
CEATEC JAPAN has an online News Center, staffed by its own team of reporters and editors. This team is responsible for sending out information in advance of the exhibition. At the request of exhibitors, there are specialist writers at the News Center who cover their topics of expertise. The visitor database is used to send out information in the form of Web Magazine articles and e-mail bulletins. (Exhibitors must apply to have their exhibit covered, and there are occasions when not all requests can be met due to the large number of applications.) This year, we plan to strengthen our year-round service of information provision by establishing a special blog site.
News Center
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Public relations support service during the exhibition period (free of charge)

The on-site Press Center will distribute your company's press releases
Representatives from Japanese and overseas mass media organizations visiting CEATEC JAPAN may use the Press Center during the exhibition period to conduct reporting and editing activities. Exhibitor press releases are distributed at the Press Center. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their press materials to the center during the exhibition period, as needed.
Press briefing room facilitates efficient and effective PR activities
A press briefing room will be set up in the Press Center, where exhibitors can announce technologies and products or host press conferences. A large numbers of industry media representatives will visit CEATEC JAPAN, and exhibitors may use this room in conjunction with exhibition activities to conduct efficient and effective PR activities. Facilities for PC-based presentations may be used free of charge. The Press Center also notifies users of the scheduling of press conferences.
Press Center Press briefing room
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Promotion activities support services (free of charge)

Invitation-only exhibition preview
An exhibition premiere time is held on the morning of the opening day of CEATEC JAPAN. This premiere is open to only press representatives, exhibitor executives and special guests invited by exhibitors. It not only provides an excellent opportunity to meet many industry leaders and important guests, but is also used for making announcements to the assembled press and other media representatives. Premiere Time invitation cards are distributed to exhibitors so they can invite important guests.
Invitations and e-mail leaflet distribution
InvitationsExhibitors are allotted a set number of free invitations that are determined according to booth size. There is also a service where we send exhibition leaflet in HTML and text form in multiple languages via e-mail to the Japanese and overseas customers of exhibitors.
Business lounges for business talks and interpreting services
Business loungesEach hall at the CEATEC JAPAN venue has business lounges set aside for holding business talks. Interpreters (English, Chinese and Korean) are available to assist with these talks and with making other arrangements.
"Must-See Item Navigation"
Must-See Item NavigationThe "Must-See Item Navigation" corner at the Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage is a special support service for exhibitors. Panels will be on display at the entrance to the Stage (Central Mall, 2nd floor) showing the main products and technologies of each exhibitor in the Stage, making it fast and easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.
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Promotion activities support services (paid servis)

Web banner advertisements
Banner ads spaceExhibitors are able to post a banner on the CEATEC JAPAN official website, which is accessed by a large number of visitors, media representatives and others.
English guidebook advertisements
English guidebookExhibitors may place advertisements in an English-language guidebook that is distributed to all foreign visitors.
E-mail magazine text advertisements
As the exhibition date approaches, CEATEC JAPAN distributes e-mail magazines containing a variety of information using its visitor database from the previous year's event. The aim of the bulletins is to promote pre-registration, increase website access and raise expectations prior to the exhibition. Companies may place text banner advertisements in these e-mail magazines.
On-site signage and banner advertisements
banner advertisementsExhibitors may place advertisements on the various signboards inside and outside the exhibition site for the purpose of attracting visitors to their booths.
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