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Exhibitor Categories

Digital Network Stage Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage
Home & Personal Zone
Digital home appliances
(home entertainment)
Flat-panel-display televisions (PDP, LCD), digital televisions, Television tuners (including digital), digital broadcasting receivers, Set-top boxes (STBs), HDDs, home servers, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray discs, Digital cameras, Digital videotape recorders, AV PCs, Printers, Scanners, Home theater systems, Game platforms, Related products, services
Mobile networks
(personal information terminals)
Cellular telephones, Personal Handyphone System (PHS), Personal Data Assistant (PDA), Mobile PCs, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth(R), Digital audio players, Memory cards, IC cards, Memory media, Memory equipment, Supply products, Related products, services
Car electronics (automotive)
ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), Telematics, Car navigation systems, GPS-related products, Network services, systems, Car-mounted components, Car AV, Related products, services
Home network
Network home appliances, Home network systems / products, Control systems / products, Personal ID technologies, Security systems, Related products, services
Consumer-use network, broadcasting & contents services
Cellular telephone, PHS, Telephone, Other communications services, Digital broadcasting-related services (CATV, etc.), Broadband-related services, Internet providers, IP phone services, Music delivery, Streaming services, Net banking, Online trading, Online shopping, Related products, services
Consumer-use digital software
Operating systems, Embedded systems, Internet-related software, PC application software, Game software, Digital contents and data, Related products, services
Consumer-use robots, Other consumer-use products
Business & Society Zone
Business-use network services & systems
Broadband, ADSL, XSDL, FTTH, WDM, Related communications services, UWB, ASP/ ISP, IP-Phone, VoIP, IPv6, Telecommunications terminals, CTI systems, Connection equipment, Telecommunications equipment, PBX, Related products, systems and services
Platforms (network computing)
Operating systems, Servers, Workstations, Storage, PCs, Information terminals, Displays, projectors, Peripheral equipment, Digital office equipment, LAN and WAN equipment, Wireless LAN equipment, Internet and Intranet equipment (modems, hubs, routers), Solution systems, Related products, systems and services
Industrial equipment
Wireless equipment and systems (Satellite communications equipment and systems, Digital switching equipment, Digital transmission equipment, Connecting equipment), Electronic application equipment (Industrial-use computers and Peripheral equipment, Ultrasonic application equipment, Commercial-use imaging equipment) , Related products
Web applications, Web services, EAI, Grid computing, Related systems and services
Systems integration services, Knowledge management, ERP, SCM, CRM, EC/EDI, e-Learning, IDC, Groupware, Internet applications, Business applications, DTP and CG applications, Security software, Related software
Outsourcing services
Solutions, Consulting, Network services, Support services, Related systems and services
RFID systems (management systems), RFID system development services, RFID readers/writers, RFID printers, RFID tags, RFID chips, RFID-related products/services
Social systems & services
ITS, Venture support services, Social welfare services (barrier-free, etc.), Education services (university research announcement, etc.), Social services equipments, systems, software and contents, Related services
Semiconductors Zone
MOS Logic, MOS micro, MOS memory, Digital bipolar, System LSIs, Analog ICs, Optical ICs, Sensors, Discreet (Silicon diodes, Rectifier elements, Transistors, Thermistors, Varistors, Thyristors, Optoelectronic conversion elements, Other discreet semiconductors), Memory components, Other semiconductors
Electronic Display Devices Zone
LCDs, Plasma display panels (PDPs), Inorganic and organic electroluminescent (EL) displays, LEDs, FEDs, CRT displays, VFDs, Electronic display panels, Touch panels, Other display devices
Passive Components Zone
Passive components (Resistors, Capacitors, Transformers, Inductors, OSCs, Filters), Noise-reducing components, Other passive components
Structural, Functional Components Zone
Connecting components (Connectors, Switches, Relays), Structural components, Transducers (Acoustic transducers, Magnetic heads, Small motors, Sensors), Functional components, TV and video tuners, Electronic circuit boards (Ridge-print, Flexible, Module boards, Other electronic circuit boards), Other structural components
Materials, Power Sources, Batteries Zone
Adapters, chargers, Switching power supplies, Power sources and power source devices, Fuel cells, Lithium-ion batteries, Nickel-hydride batteries, Solar cells, Other battery-related items, Metals, Soft sinter, Permanent magnets, Other materials, Nanotechnology, Biometrics, Environmental technologies, Tools and related, Other elemental technologies, Display films, Display alignment layers, Display seal materials, Display spacers, Display photomasks, Display ACFs (Anisotropic Conductive Film), Conductive inks
Measuring, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment, Electronic Manufacturing Process Zone
Waveform measuring instruments, Transmission characteristic measuring instruments, Wireless communications measuring equipment, Semiconductor and IC measuring equipment, Industrial meters, Other electronic measuring instrumentation, Electronic assembly and inspection devices, Manufacturing equipment, Testing equipment, Other equipment, Electronic components mounting machines and related equipment and systems, Assembly equipment and systems, Semiconductor mounting equipment and systems, Electronic packaging design systems, Electronic packaging devices, components and related materials, Electronic manufacturing devices packaging materials, Electronic packaging joint systems, Other electronic manufacturing process-related
Municipality Zone
Municipal and regional PR
PR Zone
PR software, services, Books, magazines
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