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List of Exhibitors

List of Exhibitors

Exhibitor Name Comment
The Association of Japanese Animations The Association of Japanese Animations is an industry association of 55 animation production companies and other participating companies. It carries out OPEN POST network manpower development businesses on consignment from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
AXELL CORPORATION A fab-less semiconductor manufacturer for graphics sound LSI.
We support Tsukuba University's Embedded Technology Campus OJT to train real-world engineers.
CELSYS,Inc. Demonstrating contents creation through users employing Celsy's software to support animations and manga as well as manga mobile distribution.
Content Portal Site Operation Committee We operate the Japan Content Showcase portal site to transmit various Japanese entertainment contents information in Japan and across the globe.
HI CORPORATION Our main product MascotCapsule is embedded on more than 230 million terminals worldwide (as of June 2006) and used for various 3D contents.
Microsoft Co., Ltd. The latest Web platforms such as Silverlight, advanced contents and Microsoft's Next Generation Web will be on exhibit.
NETDIMENSION CORPORATION NETDIMENSION provides 3D multimedia solutions using its proprietary MatrixEngine 3D technology.
Silicon Studio Corporation You've never seen your photo move quite like this! MotionPortrait technology automatically generates face animation with a variety of expressions using a single photo.

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